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It's FREE! Over 35 experts will share their ideas, solutions and tools to bring mindfulness to your home or preschool. 
Who is your host? 

Helen Maffini is the host of the 2020 Preschool Mindfulness Summit, she is a doctoral researcher, author and educator. Helen is the creator of the MindBE preschool curriculum used in schools across Asia. She is co-author of the book Developing Children´s Emotional Intelligence and creator of the course Thriving Kids -A Path to Compassion, Caring and Confident Children!

Join your host Helen Maffini, researcher, co-author of Developing Children´s Emotional Intelligence and creator of Thriving Kids and MindBe Education as she interviews Experts in the field of preschool mindfulness and parenting. Each day you will receive emails with the links to the videos from our experts and you can watch free for 24 hours!
*organizer reserves the right to change any speakers at any time
Frequently Asked Questions
Join us each day!
  • DAY 1 Self Care and Compassion for Adults
  •  DAY 2 Neuroscience and Emotions
  •  DAY 3 Mindfulness Practical Sessions for Preschoolers 
  • DAY 4 More Mindfulness for Everyone
  •  DAY 5 Helping young Children in a Distracted World
Will I be able to speak during the sessions?
No, the sessions are prerecorded, however, we encourage you to send all questions to and to interact in our Facebook Group
Is it really free?
Yes absolutely it is free of charge while it is live on May 4th, 2020. If you wish to watch it afterwards please purchase the ALL ACCESS PASS
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